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CPIB Exhibition: Declassified – Corruption Matters

Singapore - While Singapore is well-known for its effective anti-corruption system, the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) is often run stoically, away from the eyes of the common public.

The Declassified - Corruption Matters exhibition aims to share 60 years of CPIB history with the public, and shed light on the workings of the system.

To keep 60 years’ worth of content fun and interesting for the public, Milton Singapore curated and broke down information into 3 big pillars - the People, the Bureau, and the Cases. We also heavily incorporated tactical and interactive elements into the exhibitions and got visitors busy with ruffling through drawers for past cases, scanning QR-code labeled postcards to acquire relevant information, and spotting out various forms of corruption in an illustrated piece.

By evoking visitors’ curiosity and injecting an element of fun, the content-heavy exhibition successfully managed to pull in tens of thousands of visitors over its four-week run.